‘Jewellery & Pleasure’

A selection of products from the paul seville collections of Body Jewellery and Restraints
‘the original creator of Luxury Boudoir Accessories, Est 1990’

The paul seville jewellery collections are a mix of traditional leather craft techniques, tailoring and corsetry combined with a healthy dose of eccentric boudoir couture and fashion. The detailed intricacies and construction methods of his jewellery and boudoir pieces are integral in the distinctive innovation, success and uniqueness of the Seville Brand, collectable and timeless!

All techniques used for the paul seville collections are 100% Brand exclusive and have been meticulously developed over 25years experience in the fashion industry.

The Product Lines: Seville’s product lines include a host of vibrant products:- the Original Horsetail Corset, Sculptured Corsets, Belts and Waspies, Harnesses and Body Jewellery, Gauntlets, Handcuffs, Paddles, Horse Hair and Human Hair whips, Ticklers and Strap-Ons, Headdresses and the Signature Moulded Mask.

100% Leather
created and manufactured in London